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How to Donate

1. Buy a CD of "Scorn not the Strings". To order a CD email me via or simply click on the link at the bottom of this page. The CD costs £5 and all this will be donated to the British Dupuytren's Society.

Album cover2. You can also download "Scorn not the Strings for $9.99 (about £7.40) for the album or $0.99 (about 74p) per track. For details, go to or click on the image of the album cover on the right. This money is also donated in full to the British Dupuytren's Society.

3. If you don't want the music, but just want to make a donation, go direct to the British Dupuytren's Society website at, or click on the British Dupuytren's Society logo wherever you see it on this website. However, please mention me when you make a donation - as I get brownie points if you do.

4. I would also be delighted to give a presentation about Dupuytren's and how it has affected me (illustrated with some music, if you'd like) to anyone who might be interested in raising some money for a worthwhile cause.If you can organise a venue (or, in these times I can do this by"Zoom"). I would suggest you ask for a minimal entry fee (even free?) and I'll hopefully sell a few CD's or drum up other donations as the event progresses. To discuss a presentation contact me via or simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.

5. Whenever I play a folk music gig, either as a solo performer or with the Four Foot Band (below),  I will donate any fees I earn to the British Dupuytren's Society:-

Four Foot BandThe Four Foot Band (aka The Four Foot Three, Four Foot Four or Four Foot Five, depending on how many of us are available or needed) is a very flexible band who can give you an evening of music, song, dance or a combination of all three. To find out more visit or click on our photo (left).


The Last Couple of Years - and Forthcoming Events

16th July, 2019: Presentation to Plymouth Probus (raised £60)

10th August, 2019; The Four Foot Two (that's just Micky and me) played at a fund-raising coffee morning at the Market House, Castle Cary - raised £40. Four Foot Four played at Keinton Mandeville Village "Festiville"; The Village Hall, Keinton Mandeville, Somerset

14th September, 2019; Four Foot Four played at Castle Cary Green Fair, the Market House, Castle Cary, Somerset

12th October, 2019; Four Foot "Three" (Me, Colin and Micky) played at Norton Sub Hamden Festival, Norton Sub Hamden Church, Somerset (right)

10th January, 2020: Four Foot Three played for the Hornblotton annual Wassail

14th February, 2020; Valentine's barn Dance with the Four Foot Four at Keinton Mandeville, Village Hall, Somerset

21st February 2020, Fundraising Ceilidh, Kilmersdon Village Hall, Somerset

And then came lockdown....

Since lockdown restrictions began in March 2020, Folk with Dupuytrens and the Four Foot Four have moved our music making on line; You can find my channel on YouTube simply by searching for Trevor Ryder, or try clicking on the thumbnail to the left.    


"Ceud Mile Failte" (left) was another production for Tunesday Tuesdays, this time for the whole Four Foot Four band (and "guests") in July


(So far we have raised over £5,000, some of which has gone towards production of the CD, "Scorn not the Strings", but over £2,500 has been donated to the British Dupuytren's Society - the aim. eventually, is to raise £10,000 for the society)